Statement Regarding Used Artificial Turf

May 9, 2023 Statement from regarding Used Artificial Turf

In 2007, our organization acquired and since then, have removed, re-purposed and sold countless football, soccer and baseball fields.  We have supplied thousands of schools, sports facilities, doggie day cares and residences across the US, South America, Africa and as far as Japan with rolls of Used Artificial Turf. Insodoing, we have prevented millions of pounds of materials from reaching landfills.  Temporarily, anyways.

In the last few years, Used Artificial Turf supply has sharply increased due to athletic fields exceeding their years of warranty or being removed due to defects or health concerns from materials used in the earliest days of turf production.  We have decided to move away from this.

In order to avoid the potential, ongoing hazards of used artificial turf, we’ve decided to focus solely on providing the best deals from our overstock piles of new turf leftover from previous new turf projects or new turf we manufacture ourselves.   Based on our extensive analysis, the time and labor cost to find, ship, sift through and process ONLY used turf that meets satisfactory safety standards, exceeds the cost of producing brand new, clean, safe artificial turf.

Subsequently, we are able to sell new artificial turf at our previous used artificial turf prices.

The team at strives to service the millions of website visitors and countless loyal customers we’ve had over the years in the best manner possible, and we look forward to supplying turf in the safest way possible for your children, pets and ball players.

Thank You,

The Team