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Since, the acquisition of UsedArtificialTurf.com in 2007, our team has been dedicated to sourcing the best values in artificial turf for our customers around the globe.  We were a scrappy bunch of former business analysts and baseball players who hit the road, traveling the US, removing athletic fields all over the US, and recycling the usable parts of those fields.  In those years, we were often called to install both the used and new turf at high school batting cages, residential backyards, doggie daycares and indoor sports facilities.   Over time, we’ve grown to become a leading supplier of new artificial turf.

With thousands of customers domestic and abroad, UsedArtificialTurf.com became the go-to-source for countless customers looking for the best deals of turf.   Today, we continue to source turf specials, overruns and second quality turf directly from the major turf manufacturers and even source yarn to make our own turf.  Our team of seasoned experts continues to service facility owners, backyard DIYers and schools who are often on tight budgets who don’t need the most expensive turf, but the right turf for their purpose.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions and be sure to visit our Testimonials page to read the latest feedback from our customers.

Thank you for stopping by.  We look forward to providing value to you for years to come!

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HighLights from Unique Jobs Over the Years:

Georgia Dome Turf Removal
Turf for Red Bull Arena
turf field removal
Artificial Turf installed for Movie Studio in Syracuse
Homeplate Halo Turf for Marth'as Vineyard Sharks
High School Parking Lot Covered in Used Artificial Turf
Indoor Soccer Field turf supplied by UsedArtificialTurf.com
Univsion Commercial Shoot