Artificial Turf for Dogs

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Artificial turf for dogs

Dog Turf for doggy day cares or home is proud to have supplied turf to dog owners, dog training facilities and dog shelters across the US.   Turf is an ideal solution for covering asphalt parking lots, concrete floors, and muddy outdoor areas where grass can’t grow.  Turf is easier on the paws than asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces and drainage holes in the turf, allow for water to pass through, separating the mud from your dogs, preventing hours of cleaning your dog, and inside areas.

Call Us Today to Inquire on our Turf with lines and seconds.  Leftover rolls from athletic fields are a perfect, economic solution for dog

yards and facilities as the lines often don’t matter.

We are often asked, “Will my dog tear up the turf?”   We don’t find this to be a problem.  Dogs inherently know what is really edible and not edible, however, they do like to pick at things.   When installing turf for dogs, it is important to have the edges secured really well and for your seams to be done properly, as dogs like to pick at “edges” or anything unusual.


Artificial Turf for dog daycares

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