Installation Supplies

Need Seam Fabric and Glue for your DIY project?  Below you can buy the same heavy duty seam fabric and turf glue used on athletic fields with the heaviest traffic. Seam fabric is typically 12 inches wide and the glue covers the middle 8 inches.  You can find 3/16 inch, toothed trowels for cheap at your local hardware store to apply the glue.  Turf glue can cure quickly, especially in higher humidity climates, as the glue draws moisture from the air to cure.  Inside the bucket, there is a thin plastic film that covers the glue, so if you only use part of it, make sure to cover the rest of the glue with the plastic, so it doesn't cure up on you, inside the bucket.

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  • 12 inch by 333 foot Turf Seam Fabric

  • Artificial Turf Glue Adhesive for Seams

    Artificial Turf Glue Adhesive