Used Artificial Turf For Sale

Updated Jan 3, 2016. 14' x 75' Rolls available at $0.75 sq f t

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  1. The team at has removed and recycled over 50 high school, college, and pro athletic fields.
  2. In business since 2007, we have years of experience in finding the better used fields and parts of fields with significant life left in them.
  3. We have a central location where we unroll each roll of turf, inspect, measure, trim, clean and package each roll of used turf.
  4. We have re-installed much of this used turf and can speak with first hand knowledge about installation and its challenges.
  5. Visit our facebook page, for many examples of our recent work.

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  1. Email us the information of the synthetic turf you are selling to info (@)

Turf taken from a High School Field and installed in a backyard:

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