Crumb Rubber Infill


Starting at $0.35 per pound for 2,000 lb bag. Call for price on large quantities.

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Athletic Turf Fields are often installed with tiny crumb rubber pellets, known as "infill." We sell the reclaimed infill to go back into new turf or your used turf purchase. It can also be used for turf repairs on existing fields, or to simply top-off low infilled areas. It is often mixed with sand. See pricing below. This infill performs 3 main functions:

1. Impact Attenuation - Turf fibers on an athletic field are typically 2 to 2.5 inches tall. When filled with the rubber infill, a cushion of 1 to 1.5 inches of rubber is created, providing the absorption needed for safety concerns in contact sports such as football, soccer or lacrosse. While the used infill will be more broken down than brand new, virgin rubber infill, it still provides considerable impact attenuation. Often the infill around the edges of a field, or low use areas, are still very close to new condition.

2. Appearance - The infill keeps the fibers standing up straight. Real grass has the advantage of the sun holding the fibers up. Plastic turf fibers need something to keep them standing upright, or else they will simply lie flat on the ground.

3. Weight - Athletic turf is typically installed over a crushed rock base, on which the turf simply lays flat. New turf, without the infill, weighs roughly .5 lbs per square foot, which is not very heavy. The infill, which is sometimes mixed with sand, provides the weight needed to stabilize and hold the turf down. In a residential setting, 1 lb of sand per square foot, is often enough to accomplish this.

For over 10 years, our team has removed and recycled over 100 athletic fields with this rubber infill. At our plant in Georgia, we have continuously refined the process of extracting the infill from the turf, and re-using the infill for a number of purposes. Many states and townships throughout the US, require the old field to be recycled when field replacement time comes. More specifically, the old field can not be sent to a landfill or incinerated. Turf field disposal can also be costly, as numerous dumpsters are needed to accommodate the 300,000 to 800,000 lbs of material which an be in a turf field. And that's if its dry.

We separate the infill, screen it as best we can, store it inside to keep it dry. High Volume orders are negotiable.

The 2K lb bags have loops on the top to slide forklift forks through, or we can ship them on pallets if requested. the bags will have a sleeve on the bottom to easily open and pour the infill into a top spreader or on the ground. It can be expensive to ship this weight. 1 flat bed truck can hold 20 bags or, 40,000 lbs of it. You are also more than welcome to set up your own truck or come to the plant and pick it up yourself. We can also load dump trucks. We will load it for you.

Rubber Infill is manufactured in various mesh sizes typically between 20 and 40 for turf. Because this is a reclaimed product, we can not guarantee a mesh size, but we would be happy to send you samples of what we currently have in stock.

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