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Minimum 300 sq ft.

Updated April 1st, 2020: New Turf in Stock!

Around 50,000 sq ft in stock at any length (20' minimum). Prime time 2in blade ALL GREEN Turf. Multi-Purpose Turf used for batting cages, sport specific activities, and more! (NO INFILL). Price starts at $1.15 sq ft. 

OUT OF STOCK. Just in May 5, 2019.  $1.00 sq ft for All Green and $.85 sq ft with lines. Old Dominion University Used Turf with Thatch.

With fibers in almost new condition, there is an additional tan-colored, layer of fibers, referred to as a thatch, to provide more structure and impact attenuation.  With some infill still in the turf, it weighs approximately 1.5 lbs per square ft and is not ideal for shipping in smaller quantities, but rather will be ideal for larger facilities needing larger quantities (8k sq ft +) which can ship on flat beds, or picked up at our facility. The roll sizes range from 15 x 50 to 15 x 90 long and for most facilities would not require additional infill, making or an easier installation. It will have some painted lines on it.  The fibers are  1.5 inches tall.

OUT OF STOCK. Jan 12:  $.90 sq ft.  Atlanta Silverbacks Soccer field. 

This field only had painted lines and is cut into 15 x 80 ft rolls. Rolls can be cut shorter. The lines will continue to fade, or be scrubbed, and effectively be "All Green."  The main advantage of a used turf with only painted lines, is that the rolls do not have previous inlaid lines cut into them, meaning fewer variables in the re-install process.  A football field, for example, will have numbers and hashmarks cut and glued in, which "can" separate or be raised upon re-install, whereas the original "integrity" of the rolls from a painted field is maintained.  Fibers are in great condition.  There were some worn spots in the high traffic areas, which were discarded when we removed it.  The seams were sewn together which makes it easier to re-install, as there is not existing seam fabric and glue along the edges. 100,000 sq ft available.  15 x 20 footers available to purchase online here...

OUT OF STOCK. Just In Dec 18: $.90 sq ft All Green Used Turf in 15' x 50' Rolls.  Painted Lines Only are faded and will continue to disappear.  Lengths can be cut shorter.  Infill removed and refurbished.  This high school football field was just removed and fibers are in excellent condition.  See thickness below.

OUT OF STOCK. In stock as of Dec 13:  $0.70 sq ft. 15 x 80 ft rolls and 15 x 150 ft rolls with infill removed and refurbished turf. Our staff carefully cuts out the worn out parts of the used turf, patches any small areas, cleans and cuts the rolls to your lengths. 

Recycled Turf Close Up

OUT OF STOCK. Nov. 6  Just In!  $0.30 sq ft. 50,000 sq ft black rubber pad. 8mm thick. In 4' wide rolls up to 104' long. Came from under another turf field. In great condition. Lays nicely under our other used turf.  Put them together and get padded, used turf for $1 sq ft.

artificial turf with pad

 OUT OF STOCK. $0.50 sq ft.   We have a number of logo and endzone rolls with various colors and lettering available. Most are 15' wide and in varying lengths. These are great rolls of turf if you don't mind some large sections of other colors besides green. Yellow, Red, Blue.
endzone turf 
 $0.85 sq ft.   This is a standard high school football and soccer field where the rolls are 95% Green.